I for myself

1ST AID for Emergency


!  A crisis is a call for change and an adventure one is resisting !




1. Pause and consciously breathe especially exhale completely


2. Reach out for a neutral space resp. healing space or friends, family if possible


3. Be aware of the feeling, emotion and allow it to be expressed until it transforms

z.B. Anger: vigorously exhale / sound / scream / sing, dance, scribble on paper, knead clay

 Fear: lay hands on the chest and belly and consciously breathe there and exhale completely, feel the feet, focus on a point

 Sadness: let the tears flow, express through watercolor paints / ink


♥ "Jedes einzelne Gefühl verwandelt die ganze Welt." "Every single feeling transforms the whole world." ♥

[J.-P. Sartre]


4. Being in the Now, conscious perceiving oneself and feeling the body through one's own breath and heart rhythm


5. Get in touch with the art therapist of 1ST AID FOR YOUR SOUL

Art Therapy


50min. Art Therapeutic Session


By staying in the Now, past and future take a backseat.


Time and space...

- to connect with myself and to discover me with curiosity and courage.

- for me and my current state of being. To express by burdens, joys, desires and longings by means of visual and performing art media.

- for creative experimentation, play and to shape myself and my universe new and differently.

~ scribbling, drawing, painting, sounding, putting masks on and off, entering stages,

kneading, shaping, playing instruments, writing, dancing, breathing and just being there ~

- to transform myself into my real authentic Self.


Gains: Self-awareness and consciousness, relaxation, inspirations and impulses, positive self-esteem, clarity


Place: * Ordination Dr.in med. C. Pillai Högelmüllergasse 2B/31, 1050 Wien

    * Praxis Dr.in J. Bräuer Gießaufgasse 12, 1050 Wien


Time: * Ordination Dr.in med. C. Pillai Mo - Fr 8 - 20

   * Praxis Dr.in J. Bräuer Di 15 - 20, Do 9 - 13, Fr 9 - 14


Dates by appointment


Price: € 30,- first visit then € 70,- per session * reduced prices on request