'cause we are worth it

"Jeder Mensch hat als kreativer Handelnder am Gemeinschaftswohl anteil."

"Every human has as creative agent a part in the common good."

[J. Beuys]


Creative Siesta


Mini - 25min. - Espresso


Midi - 40min. - Verlängerter


Maxi - 55min. - Cafe Latte


The slightly different coffee break - to pause and relax with brush, color palette and co in the creative art space.


Gains: Timeout, relief, from the analytical to the intuitive creative thinking resp. connection of both thought patterns, new energy and ideas


Place: Artspace @ Work


Time: Free choice from Mini - Maxi


Price: By agreement


3 Arttherapy-Workshop Units


3*90min. Art Therapeutic Workshops


The real things are easy!

Practical creative techniques and methods for everyday life and the working environment.


Meeting oneself and the team equally new and differently in a creative-artistic setting. The art therapy space offers the opportunity to come together, to pause and  to break out of possibly stucked automated tracks as well as to enjoy doing something together.


reactive action, communication breakdowns, must-monsters, hamster wheels, time-eaters, black holes, exhaustion ?!


How am I doing now? What role do I play? What makes us different?

What do I want and need and the whole team?


To try out oneself, design and interact in playful expression by means of visual and performing art media on specific topics in a safe, value-free space. Be aware of one's own states of being and if needed transform them. Non-verbal forms of expression show new ways of communicating and art reveals hidden forgotten resources rediscovering one's own and entrepreneurial creative capacities and visions.


Gains: healthcare, sensory-aesthetic experiences, enhancement of creativity, new communication skills, team building and strategies for conflict resolution, personal and corporate development, innovation processes


Place: @ Work


Time: 3 evenings à 90min. - Dates by appointment max. 10 participants


Price: Workshop-package including material by agreement

 Accompanied by 2 Art Therapists