Art Therapy in the mirror of experiences

"Art Therapy is a place where I may finally be."


"Art Therapy gives me the possibility to integrate the impressions of everyday life."


"Art Therapy is like finding something that was missing - a means to express.

The play with art media is like meditation that gives lightness, calmness and clarity and makes me be more myself."


"Art Therapy is a gift to myself.

The colors and shapes make everything much more vivid and the current state more tangible.

Thereby, the suffering, the own being becomes more conscious, whereby it can be transformed."


"The expression by art media is an attempt to rediscover

that despite the narrowness there are still possibilities, which only appear in the space of the void, the empty paper."


      "The movement of my body and the related color has shown me

          what I need right now."


"The colors and my image have lovingly given to me the demarcation

that I need, I can accept that."


"The focus on my drawing has removed me from my problem."


"Art Therapy gives me the space to be authentic since there is nothing to be wanted. When I am here I'm fine, ideas and desires have space. Here I have the opportunity to look at me and perceive myself differently, to find new words and a new language for me."


"The sheet has revealed what I wanted to hide from myself - what I didn't want to show - the initial pain is much lighter now."


"Painting, carving, singing... - creative doing - gives grip and stability."


"Doodling annoyed me at first, then I was angry, then I wanted to tear the paper, then I had to laugh -

that was good."


"My anger was suddenly on the paper and not inside of me anymore.

By discharging anger I feel lighter, freer and more alive. The pression in my head is gone."


"I feel more in tune with myself and more balanced since the confusing thundercloud is now on the paper instead of being in my head and I can discover something beautiful in this darkness. The expression gives distance and freedom."


"The chosen colors were just colors in the beginning, now I see that they had to tell me something."


"In the last tiny movement that my body has done by itself, there is so much understanding for myself - a loving movement."


 "Art Therapy is to feel und recognize oneself, 'that is me'."


"The creative doing brings me in a state of happiness and pleasure."