Art has the focus on aesthetics, creativity, beauty and is thus therapy, healing per se.


Art is a fundamental medium for presenting oneself, communicating, decorating and shaping.


Every human holds creative potential inherently, which wants to be expressed to shape the own living space.


Art Therapy is a way of enhancing self-expression and self-development while maintaining health. Creative-artistic media (visual and performing arts) extend communication to sensually expressive, non-verbal spaces. It is the path from the intellect, over-thinking, to  feeling, sensing and realizing one own needs and wishes.


"Kreativität ist Intelligenz, die Spaß hat."

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

[A. Einstein]


Creative processes are possibilities to try out something new and to walk paths, which have never been explored before.  Unconscious, hidden treasures and resources become visible on the blank canvas, the stage etc., because these are void, non-judged spaces where everything is possible. Art creates individual and social identity.


Likewise proactive Art Therapy  promotes health as creative activity is associated with immunological activity change, self-healing and resilience. Emotional opening and the expression of affects by art has positive consequences for health, beacuse permanent retention of emotionally stressful material (due to fear of judgement, conflicts, change etc.) leads to cognitive impairment and stress activation.


In our society we are subject to the constant need to funtion, to be efficient and attainable. We are "caught up" in external demands, rules and constraints. In contrast inner demands and needs are often bouncing. Due to the globalized acceleration and compression of processes in the professional and private environments there is hardly any time and space to pause, for rest, muse and self-care. Developmental conditioning and experiences are shaping us. All this leads to stress, pressure, excessive demands and "negative emtions" (anger, fear etc.), fatigue, alienation, loss of relationships, crisis and illnesses.


Art Therapy captures current states of being, sensitivities, and regulates them through carthartic creative processes. As art is free i.e. not bound to meaning and purpose, all that is impressed can be expressed. This reduces tension and gives spaces for new things. In creative doing one's own creative capacities are revived creating a sense of self-determination - i can empower and heal myself!


 To express oneself and one's own fantasies, imaginations and visions

is thus life-changing and healing.