Barbara poropatich

In my world images outweigh, they arise in my inside and in this form I also save the impressions of my outer world. My hands give the inner images and impressions an outer form. I like to paint and this creative engagement with life is becoming more and more important.

I move in silence because I am a quiet person. I am more a listener than a narrator. Music means more to me than earlier. With all my senses I enjoy the little moments that life offers although it is sometimes difficult for me to be in the moment.


With great joy and love I accompanied my two children into their adult life and with enthusiasm I take part in their life.


To guide people in their own world of imagination in therapeutic accompaniment so that they can develop their own creative abilities and express their sensory perceptions as well as working in my own workshop to make my images visible in a variety of ways, that is my way - now.

PATRicia von Maravić

I am a traveler in and between different spaces.

As a geographer, yogini, artist and art therapist I am engaged with nature and human as well as their interrelations, I explore outer and inner landscapes, capture phenomena and always look at the whole. I am fascinated by geographical peripheries and human existence in all its variation and appearance, from bizarre and wild to calm and profound as well as colorfully emotional to gray monochrome gloomy.


Like the mole Graboswki I am in search of the peaceful holy places and moments on earth and in human which are perpetual there although buried or forgotten. Yoga and creative expression are my hiking stick on the way to these treasures. They carry me into a time- and spaceless sphere, a home, a world of aesthetic elation, beauty and silence.


To accompany people in the discovery of their own unique landscape is my passion.